Frey Family and Company History

Our family has a long history of vegetable farming dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. We’re located in the Znaimer region, and we’ve been producing the world renowned Znaimer pickles ever since.

FREY Die Delikatessen Manufaktur -  Österreich::Wien::Konfitüre::Pesto::Private Label::Feinkost::Delikatessen

Johanna and Ewald Frey were able to resume vegetable farming on the 14th of February, 1946, after the Second World War. They leased land near Vienna, in a region called Leopoldau. In the difficult years after the war, the Frey family farm provided vegetables for hundreds of area residents.

FREY Die Delikatessen Manufaktur -  Österreich::Wien::Konfitüre::Pesto::Private Label::Feinkost::Delikatessen

Before long, Johanna Frey opened a storefront for convenient sale to the public, and Ewald Frey started delivering vegetables to Wiener Gaswerke (the Vienna Gas Company), Shell, MAN ÖAF Automobile, Unilever (Iglo), the Vienna Post Office, the Austrian Locomotive Factories, and Siemens, just to name a few.

Due to the quality of products and reliability of delivery, the Frey family business grew steadily. Ewald Frey became the first large-scale lentil farmer in Austria and became a supplier to the frozen product division of IGLO (Unilever).

We’ve expanded our product line to include a wide variety of vegetable, fruit and berry products, and our name has become synonymous with exceptional quality and taste.

FREY Die Delikatessen Manufaktur -  Österreich::Wien::Konfitüre::Pesto::Private Label::Feinkost::Delikatessen

Historical Timeline

1951 All three divisions of the Frey business (public vegetable sales, wholesale vegetable sales, and the delivery division) are handed over to Ewald Frey’s oldest son, Ewald Frey, Jr.

1957 Cultivation of currants for the fruit juice company PAGO begins.

1959 A large plot of farmland is purchased in Leopoldau. Neighboring farmland needs to be purchased within two years to meet production demands.

1965 Erhard Frey, Ewald Frey Sr.’s second of three sons, takes over responsibility for the vegetable processing plant. Applying their technical expertise, Erhard Frey and his wife Sieglinde bring the plant to the highest, most modern standards. Due to their diligence, the plant is continuously modernized (meat salads and mayonnaise in 1967, modern filling technology in 1973, compote filling technology in 1975).

1978 Another milestone in the history of European condiment manufacturing: the building of the Frey mustard plant. The first Frey mustard is produced the same year.

1979 Additional land is purchased to meet growing production demands.

1980 Acquisition of new jam-filling technology for cranberries and strawberries.

1993 Addition of a variety of specialty products such as oriental garlic, sun dried tomatoes, pearl onions in balsamic vinegar, and more.

1994 Frey begins producing sauces, specialty vinegar, and oils.

1997 After 32 years in the driver’s seat, Erhard Frey hands the business over to his son, Ing. Erhard Frey.

1999 Implementation of a new packaging and design line.

2002 Installation of a new pesto processing unit.

2004 Addition of a new fruit juice processing unit.